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Website development or application development or Software development task is for us. We help you come up with software such as websites for smooth running of your organization and business. Reach out to us.

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    It’s Very Important To Have a Fully functional software.

    Having a fully functional software can save you a lot of hustle here and there. Websites that are fully functional and systems can help you save time and reach out to many people in an easy way. We at Live Software Developer make software that meets your needs and serves you best all the time.

    All business is basically about customers and marketing and making money and capitalism and winning and promoting it and having something someone. Therefore, to have a system that can link you to customers and a platform for customers to easily reach you your is our task to help you.

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    If you need a website or any software that you need developers, don’t miss to fill the adjacent form. Let us know what you want and we will give you a favourable quote today.

    Live Software Developer has a business to make your business succeed, and with our expertise we are obliged to honor your demands and provide systems and websites that serve you well.

      Our Exclusive Services

      Services offered at Live Software Developer.

      Website Development

      We offer a variety of website development services to our clients based on various emerging technologies.

      Website Redesign

      Website redesigning makes your website look new and up-to-date. With this service you are assured of quality redesigned websites.

      Website Analysis

      Have troubles with your website? Taking long time to load? We are here to help to help you solve your problem and you get back to business.

      SEO Optimization

      Make your website discoverable fast by google and other search engines. We help you attain a better ranking in search results

      App Development

      Apps increase clients conversion for them being brand specific. We develop apps for organizations, individuals and even social media apps

      Logo Design

      A logo defines who you are. Get custom logos from our highly experienced designers to make you stand out in the crowd.

      Google My Business

      Google my business is one of the fastest way of putting your business online. Having a google my business account is very vital.

      Photo Editing

      Sometimes you took pictures and you feel like they are not real good for a share. We help you make them better and look good.

      Video Editing

      Having an event and have no idea how to edit those videos after words to remove unnecessary elements? Reach out to us and we will do the work!

      Post Making

      You need to promote your brand at least daily with fancy looking business cards. We offer services to help you have them conviniently all the time.

      Social Media Marketing

      Have no idea on how to do your social media ads. Get our expertise help you do that at an affordable cost

      Video Marketing

      Videos make good customer journeys. Using them to market your business can increase sales which is the main objective of a business to have better profits.

      How Does Live Software Developer Work?

      Here is a quick break down on how we handle out work. It is easy to understand and superefficient. We work within timelines to keep businesses running.

      • We Generate A Good Idea First

        We Generate A Good Idea First

        Idea generation is the first task. We take your wording and convert them into working ideas for development purposes.

      • Then We Start Applying Ideas

        Then We Start Applying Ideas

        The ideas generated in the first place are transformed and applied in development.

      • Finish The Task And Deliver The Project

        Finish The Task And Deliver The Project

        We finally finish the task and hand you a fully functional software as expected from the start.

      Our Case Studies

      Don’t settle: Don’t finish crappy books. If you don’t like the menu, leave the restaurant. If you’re not on the right path, get off it.

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      KES 1599/YR

      Starter Package

      • 2 websites
      • 10GB NVME SSD Disk Space
      • 100 GB Bandwidth
      • Free SSL certificate
      • 24/7/365 Support
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      KES 3599/YR

      Standard Package

      • 10 Websites
      • 30GB NVme SSD Disk Space
      • 300GB Bandwidth
      • FREE SSL certicate
      • 24/7/365 Support
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      Affordable Web Hosting!

      Live Software Developer has partnered with Mango Hosting Ltd Kenya to offer various web hosting services. We have captured your need as we are affordable with the best offers of all time. Incredible features that you need to run your website to attain full potential of a website.

      • Starter
      • Standard

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      This is what is currently happening around the globe. With Live Software Developer blogs you get to know the newly upcoming news and events from the IT world

      Meet The Team

      This is the team that keeps our business up and running.

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      Live software developer was initiated to help various persons develop software to help them in their works and businesses in a continuous and developing manner. 

      We bring you the best in the world of software development at all times. Our services are glued to satisfy our clients.